Saturday, May 29, 2010

happy memorial day weekend!!!

as you can see, my weekend started out with a BANG!!! a youngster on his way to buy a surfboard crashed into me going mighty fast!!! He was most bummed out that he would have to pay his insurance deductable instead of getting his dream board! He admitted to have been texting and has obviously not taken Oprah's no phone challenge! I am very sore and my arm got banged up bad in the fender bender.Memorial misfortune behind me, I set out this morning on a journey to Orange County to visit Sara & Logan and go to a yummy "make your own breakfast burrito & bloody mary" joint! Mia, Gavin, Dahlia & Lauren were coming too! I was beyond excited!

WELL, I soon realize my trunk had opened up on the 405 freeway and all my prized possesions & worldy goods were flying out all over the freeway (my trunk was having a hard time staying closed after the surfer incident yesterday). I pulled over on the freeway, secured my trunk and attempted to pull back out into traffic only to run over some giant sharp object that I couldn't even see! My tire immediately exploded and I pulled back over to the shoulder!Lucky for me, Mia, Dahlia and Gavin (BEST FRIENDS EVER) were a few miles behind me and came to my rescue! It was actually quite fun to hang out with them on the side of the freeway! - so far this is the highlight of my weekend...GAVIN IS MY HERO! He was covered in oil, dirt, leaves, grime, bugs & sweat as he tried & tried to get my tire changed - the problem was my spare was trapped/ jammed in my trunk due to the crash and so it was impossible to pry it out! He even jacked up my car and attempted to put the spare from Mia's car on my busted one (didn't pan out)!I heart heart heart heart heart GAVIN and all the 405 drivers for not running us over!!!!!!!Well, an hour or so later the tow truck driver finally arrived and towed me to the dealership where they were able to let the air out of my spare and put it on my car! YAY!!!
Sadly for us, we never made it to Sara's house or brunch but when we reschedule I know it can only go better!! xoxoxoxo

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