Tuesday, May 18, 2010

glitter mod podge is all the rage

get excited people!
paige is back from SF & her fluorescent pink nail polish held up pretty well, got any memorials days plans for me?, I'll be doing a bowling photo shoot tomorrow night if you need me (huh?), presley booked a big modeling gig - I love knowing a 7 year old FORD model, I am still working on the invites for my party, mia is super cool (as if you didn't already know that), I will be 34 in less than 3 weeks - where has the time gone?, glitter mod podge is all the rage, I'm looking for blush colored clothes, I am a regular at the cute weho dog park, I'm sewing little bags for a bunch of location scouts, jess has a new florist (I would be happy just to have an old florist), I need new rain boots, preppy chic is my attire today, I'm excited for sherry's birthday dinner party, sara is loving buenos aires and sex and the city comes out next week!!!!!

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