Thursday, May 6, 2010


My favorite plumber, Russell, gave me tickets to CHICAGO at the pantages theatre, just 5 hours before the show started!!!
I scrambled to find a date but absolutely NO ONE could swing it last minute! I had decided to go it alone, when all of a sudden I got a random facebook message from the first boy I ever kissed (romantically in the wienerschnitzel bathroom, 10th grade).

The message read, "megan, you are like the facebook queen.. how's life? let me know if you are in the hollywood area sometime, we can grab a drink and catch up on old times."

WELL, I creepily replied, "I will be in Hollywood tonight!!! Do you want to accompany me to Chicago???"

He said yes to my desperation and the rest is history! Such a weird & funny night. P.S. we stayed for only 30 minutes of the musical and were the jerks saying, "excuse me, sorry" as we exited the aisle!

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