Thursday, February 25, 2010

last night

last night I headed south to hang out with jen, thatcher, lola, lauren & billy!

ladies & gentleman, meet our new bags! don't you just love them?
Lauren, Jen and Meg! - reunited after 2 long weeks! Thanks for having us over, Jen & Thatch!
Lauren got a new camera!!! Hopefully this will make her want to blog all the time!Mr. & Mrs. Harvey
Jen said, "pose like models" and this is what we did? you can clearly see why our modeling careers never took off!!!
Meg, Thatcher, Billy & Lauren!
and then suddenly it was all over and we headed home in the rain...


Unknown said...

LOVE the bags, Ladies!

LuLu said...

Fun times Geney! Thanks for the memories, when will we reunite?