Monday, January 25, 2010


When I'm 90, who knows, I may long to see what I liked in late January 2010 and I would hate to let my elderly lady self down- without further adieu, I give you a list of what is enjoyable to me today:

Getting to wear my rainboots a lot lately, online banking, borrowing dresses (not buying), quesadillas, tangerine juice, the idea of a craft/ sewing room, gathering goods & decorating for my Valentine's party, anything union jack, organic apples already sliced for you and in a bag from trader joes, cute Walter sleeping next to me on the couch, a cheesy new show called "Life Unexpected", cucumber water, blogging, MAC mineralize satin finish spf 15 foundation, the dream of one day having a costco card, pb&j sandwiches, independent films, the number 24, the customized Goyard bag I just ordered, stella mccartney perfume, crock potting, My new thrift store Steven Alan plaid button down! - don't fret! I disinfected it before sporting it...

NOT so enjoyable:
No new Gossip Girl tonight, the way tights squeeze your waist fat, parking tickets, double handed high fives, Ed Hardy, the ridiculous amount of quarters I use each day at parking meters, lice, my trash digging neighbor "looky loo" and taking Walter out in the rain!


*summer* said...

Amen about Ed Hardy. Never liked it. Never got it. And Amen to the rest of the list too.

Brooke and Peter said...

Is it YOUR secret wedding?