Saturday, November 7, 2009

Breeders' Cup Classic @ Santa Anita Park

THANK YOU Mom & Dad for getting us all tickets to The Breeders' Cup World Championships Horse Races!!!
unbeaten favorite, Zenyatta, was the first female horse to ever compete in the Breeders' Cup! We had to support Girl Power!
Tim had a gut feeling that the horse, Furthest Land, in the 7th race was a winner and he was right! Here is is showing off his BIG wining ticket!
and the payout...

Dad's Breeder's Cup shirt!
Meg & Jockey
My Mom won more races than all of us put together!!!

Everyone was a winner!

Mom and Jockey
Bo Derek, Joey Fatone, Jamie-Lynn Sigler, Turtle, Kevin Connolly & Vivica Fox also enjoyed the day with us (not very hot star sightings)
My Dad and Tim were not buying into the ZENYATTA hype (too bad, because she came back from last place and WON!)

Walking the red carpet!

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LuLu said...

Geney MIA= Mommma & Poppa Taylor in town!!! cute outfit, love the bag!!!