Sunday, October 25, 2009

my first blog post from my iPhone! how rad?

I am laying in my bed, under my faux chalkboard headboard, watching curb your enthusiasm with Walter the dog (he's being neutered tomorrow) & I'm blogging! Bed blogging! I just installed the Blog Press application on my phone (thank you Melissa) - now I can blog from anywhere & everywhere !! Oh the fun to be had!!!! This weekend was mucho dullsville yet relaxing. I'm excited for Lauren's taco tuesday bday dinner, Johns Halloween party (what to be??), seeing Walter with a cone on his head, watching Mad Men next, pumpkin carving (Tim gutted them tonight & I roasted pumpkin seeds, but there's too much good tv to actually carve) and my new lip gloss! xoxo

-- Posted from my iPhone


Unknown said...

You're welcome! Curb was nuts last night. love it.

LuLu said...