Monday, September 14, 2009

Ladies & Gents, I am pleased to introduce you to my new goodies!!!

Today was the best Monday EVER! I had the day off of work, I hung out with my parents all day in Manhattan Beach and we went on a shopping spree!!!!

I got a red kitchen timer and my mom got yellow! cute cute cute
I can finally perfect my casserole skills in my new cast iron pot!!! - How enjoyable is this color?The back of this wild & wooly deer pillow is the cutest plaid!brown jacket and lululemon black pants (my dream) - EVERYONE I know has a pair of these amazing pants and now I do too! Bird plates!!!2 jars of DURKEE!- This is the best condiment ever and very hard to find in California...thank you Vons Manhattan Beach!Do I have the best parents or what? I'm sad they're leaving in the morning (lots of tears shed) but I will be seeing them in November for the Breeders' Cup Classic!!


kim t said...

oh wow! lotsa great stuff! that durkee, beau loves it too. i'm on the fence..

what are these pants i've never even heard of. i'm soo unhip

Brooke and Peter said...

lucky lucky gal!

jaimie said...

Durkee is the best and I have been looking for some for a few months. I will check Vons. Thanks!