Monday, August 31, 2009

Shower Weekend!

I LOVE showers and I couldn't wait for "SHOWER WEEKEND" - Sara's baby shower & Lauren's bridal shower!!! Can someone invite me to another shower soon???

Sara's Baby Shower was on Saturday afternoon in Manhattan Beach and was hosted by Alli & Lindsay! The weather was perfect, we ate delicious strawberry salad (I need to get this recipe) and talked all things "baby" - It was a lovely lovely affair!!! Baby Boy Harty is due October 4th!

Lauren, Jen, Hillary, Sara (she doesn't even look pregnant!!!), Lauren, Mia, Alli & Meg!Blue candy favors!
Some of the gals and I chipped in for Sara's stroller!
Sara and her family at Lindsay's Mom's house on 4th street!
Lauren's Bridal Shower was Sunday evening @ Trader Vic's! It was AMAZING! I met up with Lauren & Jen at Ken Paves salon before the shower. We sipped champagne, talked lip gloss, j.lo and fancy purses while Lauren finished up her wedding hair trial and wrapped up last minute details with her makeup artist!
Lauren & Meg with our cute Godiva chocolate favors! Lauren & Billy - count down: 37 days until their wedding!!
Christian, Hillary, Jen and Thatcher- They're all part of the wedding party!! SHOWER WEEKENDERS, Lauren & Sara!
Jen, Mia and Alli
Jen, Lauren & Mia
Jen & Thatcher (Lauren's Mom & Billy in the background)

Sara, Alli & Mia
Jen, Meg & Mia


LuLu said...

Shower weekends are the very best!!!! When you get invited to the next one, please bring me!!! now it's countdown to Steve's Bash

kim t said...

busy girls!! mia, you look awesome!

BabyMcNiece said...

Thanks Kim! Fun showering with you girls. - Mia

Jo said...

Looks like two successful and fun showers for the ladies! Alli and Linds - nice job on the blue candy favors. Thanks for sharing.