Thursday, August 13, 2009

Jen's SURPRISE party!

Thatcher planned a fabulous surprise party for Jen's birthday at Hibachi (yummy teriyaki restaurant) last night in Hermosa Beach! All of Jen's favorite people were there to surprise her!! We drank mai tais & navy grogs, hysterically laughed, discussed a possible move to Africa, ate rice with salad dressing (per Sara's suggestion!), toasted Jen, debated Brad Pitt's talent, wondered how spam sushi works, brainstormed chicken flattening techniques, we clapped a lot, we high fived, planned baby & bridal showers and proposed wife swapping! Happy Birthday JEN!

Jen, Lauren & Bill
Lauren, Jen, Mia & Meg
Dustin & Jen
Tim and Lauren MAKING OUT!Thatcher, Meg, Jen & LaurenJen & MegBill, Lauren, Jen & Thatcher!


sarah said...

Happy Bday to your friend Jen!

Did you dye your hair...looks like a tint of red??

hub of the house said...

yes, there is a red tint!!

Tim said...

So fun