Monday, August 24, 2009

InStyle's Summer Soiree

Mia and I attended this lovely party last Thursday night on the rooftop of the London Hotel in West Hollywood (cute place). We hobnobbed, ran into our old pal and clapped that she had friends, reconsidered harem pants (only for a second), critiqued the rich and famous, chowed down on a battered shrimp creation (well, I did!), collected cupcakes, photo boothed, checked out the view, talked shop and enjoyed our super special girl bonding time??!! This is what the party would have looked like if no one had attended!I absolutely LOVE photo booths and this party didn't disappoint in that area!!!! - a strange man called out our shots, "your husband is cheating, the excitement of a new boat, disgust, you won the lottery, there's a mouse"... blah blah
Who knew a new boat would make me look like this!!
All the pics from the eve were shown as a slideshow on a wall for all to see! Clever idea, steal it for your wedding!
Here we are clutching our Crumbs cupcakes, macaroni & cheese popcorn & candy on the way out! When the valet pulled up with my car, there was an InStyle magazine on the seat - nice touch valet guy!


Jo said...

I adore you gorgeous gals. Looks like a fun night.

Anonymous said...

I love your pics from the photo booth! And great wedding idea :)

Suzi said...

I love the photo booth! Also, great idea with the magazine on the seat! What a fun a party!!!