Sunday, August 9, 2009

I WANT!!!!!

I WANT to spend more time with Dillan Grace, I WANT a MAC computer, I WANT "shower weekend" to hurry up and get here (Sara's baby shower & Lauren's bridal shower in ONE weekend!!), I WANT Zanchez (the upholsterer) to make me this love seat!
I WANT Walter to win the cutest dog contest- PLEASE VOTE!!, I WANT to eat at LEMONADE every day!I WANT this wallpaper!!
I WANT to thank my parents for all the goodies I accumulated in Tulsa...snakeskin sandals, plaid heels, houndstooth suitcase, really cute mixing bowls...England plate for my plate wall, multiple dresses, contacts, toaster oven, pajama bottoms, memory foam pillows, exciting thrift store finds, marc jacobs sunglasses...and most of all I WANT to thank my parents for the MEMORIES!!!

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