Tuesday, July 7, 2009

meg's fourth of july weekend!

I had an action packed holiday weekend!!! Highlights include, but are not limited to: Fairmont tanning plan of attack, Walter doesn't have friends, Do you wish I didn't weigh 800 pounds?, Big Bear?, Big Sur journals, young men going into the ob/gyn field are just weird, ground turkey patty sandwich, Dillinger debate with Barry, Freeway fireworks, crying and clutching Walter too tight during Marley & Me, candy at Philippes?, Mia's little tummy is showing!!!, Boom Boom Boom (in a bell tone), Call Andrea!!!, always bet on the 4th horse in the 4th race, My dad is named Steve too, the legendary compact disc duplicating machine, Laddies Poker, Bad looking crowd @ Hollywood Park, Jen's middle aged sex den rental in palm Springs, BLT from Joan's on 3rd and so much more!

On Friday I hit up the Silverlake dog park for the first time, took in Olvera Street (browsing, mariachi bands and enchiladas) and Chinatown (pretty much closed by the time I arrived) and topped off the evening by seeing "Public Enemies" (when you hang with boys, you GET to see boy movies)

On the 4th I went to Manhattan Beach to hang out with Mia & Gavin!! Mia's parents had a festive BBQ to celebrate! Mia's sister, Jessica, was in town from SF with her BF Jesse! Since Manhattan Beach only has fireworks at Christmas, I got my fix on the freeway as I drove home!

Sunday brought A LOT of Garage sales and Ikea with a side of HORSE RACING!

parting is such sweet sorrow, but we had to get to Ikea!


Janie Taylor said...

Soooooooooooooooo funny! Wish my 4th had been just a tickle as much!

kim t said...

what a great weekend! love the horse racing hat!

hub of the house said...

weird is more like it!!