Monday, June 8, 2009


Jaime, PJ, Meg & Margot (who is moving to Texas so we have to pack in some major social outings before she departs!)
Danielle, Meg & Sherry - Westlake High School at its finest!!
Gavin & Clay with their Dodger Dogs!
Jeff, Meg & Tristant
Terry & Karen - they gave me a real hourglass!!!

Jen & Meg
Tabatha, Meg, Jen, Tristant & Paige
Sara, Jen, Mia & Meg
Terry & Terrence
Hostess with the mostest-Hillary, Meg & Karen
Danielle & Brian - they gave me the CUTEST peacock clutch purse!!
Jen, Meg & Mia
Clay & Sara
Hillary and her men
Hillary, Mark & Jaime
Margot & Jen
Jaime & Karen
Jen showing off the gold earrings she gave me - LOVE!
Mark, Terry & PJ (PJ became the grill master)
Paige & Meg
Danielle & Mia
Mia, Tristant, Meg, Gavin & Margot!! Mia & Gavin brought a ton of donuts - what a hit!
Hillary, Liz, Meg & Karen - showing off the donut oil painting Margot gave me!
I got a Sarah Cihat plate from Sara - she knows me soooo well!
Meg & Brian making our s'mores!
Danielle & Sherry
Danielle & Meg
Jeff & Meg
Paige & Meg


Sara K. said...

SO bummed that I missed it. Happy Birthday!

Suzi Longo said...

Your party looks so fun! I love your outfit!