Thursday, June 4, 2009

BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND - Like sands through the hourglass, so are the June 5ths of my life!

1991 - Promenade mall looking for dock siders (kim and I just got the preppy handbook).

1992 - Go to Josh's house with Evan, Sarah, Boyeon, Mackenzie, Josh, Christine, Joey, Lindsay & Danielle. SNL = Linda Hamilton, Kim has a date with Travis, Yearbook pick up (didn't have my ID), washed jeep, dissect owl pellet in science, practice stick shift in driveway.

1993 - chip tooth (doesn't say how), jog all over Westlake, confront Tony about "the deal" & cry a lot (I have nooo clue what this excitement was about), lunch with dad.

1994 - Eligible for blood donation again, starbucks coffee with study group guys (Evan, Jimmy, Chris, Dave, Joey, Scotty & Brian), dermatologist appt, grounded for calling myself out of school yesterday.

1995 - DMV to renew license (didn't pass), swing in hammock, study for finals, I'm Mistress of Ceremonies for the Senior Class Awards, Intern at radio station KNJO, got tickets for Tom Petty concert!

1996 - Isla Vista with Mia & punks, work on sociology paper all day, cucumbers on my eyes.

1997 - do I have strep throat?

1998 - I am almost 22!!!! Hermosa with Mia & crew: gnocchi dinner at Bona Vita, drinks at the mermaid & dancing at 12th street

1999 - Breakfast downtown LA at The Original Pantry, get myself a yellow Anthro top, gray pants and black Kate Spade purse - 3rd st. prom, errands, sent Kevin's birthday card (I swear I have never known a Kevin).

2000 - walk to coffee with Mia and Lauren, window shop in downtown Manhattan Beach, mani/ pedi, house sit, El Carmen with the people!

2001 - lunch at western bagel with Danielle B, army surplus store, interview with carla re: field recruiting position, clean house, count down to 25!!

2002 - Surprise trip to Universal Studios courtesy of Ugly Johhny & Coach (Pregnant Danielle joined), found apartment in Brentwood for Schaps, MTV Movie awards, present: straw purse from Rachel!

2003 - Set up ebay account, kai perfume, Winged Migration (best movie ever), work on prom party invites.

2004 - I am almost 28!

2005 - pick up custom window surface bolt for the Marten's residence, city of Beverly Hills plan check department, order rohl sink, tile shopping at Ann Sacks, paint bathroom in the smallest room ever!

2006 - prep for palm springs weekend (little do I know that I will have the BEST surprise party tomorrow)!!!

2007 - get ipod up and working, hello kitty shower radio broke, hang with Mia, PJ & John in Silverlake.

2008 - Mom in town for my birthday weekend, prep for tomorrow's fiesta, nanny Presley & Nixon (Brian & Danielle are in Hawaii), costco, Oaks mall, drive a lot!!

2009 - Brentwood jobsite checking on painter (stripes int he nursery), hardware store for screws, meet upholsterer, lunch at Lemonade, Stella McCartney party with Mia, meet party rental delivery at Hillary's house (moonwalk/ jumpy thing, tables and chairs), minor BBQ set up

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