Saturday, May 9, 2009

Danielle, Jane, Meg & Walter hit the town!

My Mom was so excited to be in town for the annual Silverspoon "Babies & Dogs" gifting suite in Century City! For the first time I was excited about the dog part of "Babies & Dogs" because of my darling WALTER! It was EXTRA fun because Alli's company HAIDEN SURF was featured and we got to hang out with her and watch the celebs go crazy for her clothes! While Danielle and my Mom were making the baby rounds, I accompanied Walter as he played with Britney Gastineau's dog, ate caviar, had a photo shoot with Doggie Aficionado magazine, drank raw milk & cucumber water!! This event was to promote the latest and greatest from companies that cater to babies and dogs. After the soiree, my mom and I hit Target (2nd time in 2 days) and Home Depot!! We were on a mission!
This was Walter's first hip Hollywood red carpet outing...My Mom made out like a bandit! She really worked the crowd! Walter enjoying CAVIAR!!! He loved it! Danielle & Meg (note she has a lot of loot, and I have nothing but Walter) Alli and Meg - please check out her most adorable company Haiden Surf
My mom makes friends with everyone and this lady was no exception! Danielle and Meg
Walter enjoying raw milk!

Walter ate all the cucumbers out of the fancy spa water...
As soon as we left the event Walter was fast asleep!

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LuLu said...

walter root is so hollywood! Adorable!