Wednesday, April 8, 2009

What's new Meg?

I saw Monsters vs. Aliens in IMAX 3D (why isn't every movie in 3D?), Tim and I are actively searching for a Scottish Terrier puppy or just a plain puppy, I have officially down-sized to iced GRANDE old school americanos from Starbucks in the mornings, My new house key looks like a reptile skin clutch purse, eye brow waxing at Anastasia is very expensive and the result is generally drag queen-ish with extra dark drawn on brows! see.....Danielle and I plan to see each other next in a month (so sad), The Oprah where she teaches you how to talk to your kids about sex made me not want kids, Tim got us the biggest & best ikea mirror with a simple aluminum framed sides (sooo excited about this), I stocked up on stamps so I can mail you that letter, Paige and I no longer sit side by side - she is now all the way across the room (again, so sad what office remodeling can do two girls), cold bananasa are the only way to go, Martha Stewart emails me recipes and craft ideas every morning!- kinda getting annoying, I'm now the proud owner of an Elle Decor subscription, I keep waiting for it to rain so I can wear my new wellies, I got some free prescription samples from the Dr. (I love when this happens), Mrs. Meyers clean day hand lotion is the best!, building your own headboard is hard work - can anyone help me? and most importantly, I have a mom and she is coming to visit May 8th!!


sarah said...

LOVE Mrs Meyers...soaps & lotions!! I just stocked up last week from Lassens!

Unknown said...

very sad...HOTH is a very very sad place now