Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Seriously Stewart?

Each morning Martha Stewart sends me a delightful and innovative "craft of the day" email. Today I burst out of bed, strolled around the corner to Starbucks & returned to my email so I could soak in a little cleverness before work.

Well, today she insulted my crafting intelligence!! Who does she think I am? I need a little more from her... I thought the lady had standards. What happened to challenging my mind, giving me a little hope? She was offering me detailed instructions for making a RIBBON BOOKMARK!!??!

Give me a break! Her craft department should be embarrassed. As if you need to take a breather from reading The Tale of Peter Rabbit and won't be able to find your place again...

1 comment:

Mamah Janie said...

Doesn't she own a Kindle 2 like the rest of us? Who needs a bookmark? Crazy Martha!