Tuesday, March 17, 2009

If you are looking for a bad looking crowd, I have a suggestion...

My morning was spent at the West LA court and the DMV in Culver City! As I waited in line for 2 hours at the court I made a few observations in order to humor myself while I passed the time!

house of devil leather jacket??, germs smeared on everything, cold sore explosion (and I mean EXPLOSION) on some poor guy, dandruff, clogged noses, chest hair, stuffed animal frog backpack on 35 yr old male, long lines, slow walkers, Styrofoam bowls of grapes, metal detectors, Dow up, leather, worried looks, bayer asprin saves lives, big beards, bad toes, Fanny pack spotting, idiots, the strong smell of urine, blatant nose pickers, the dirtiest guy I've ever seen (standing next to me for 2 hours), the realization that I had Tim's phone and mine (oops), filth, studded belts, fur overkill, grease, frog legs (backpack) twirling with man & rapidly slapping my back, women with bowl cut hairdos, spoon gagging, BAD breath wafting its way to me, the lack of respect for my personal space, suspicious diapers, extra long fingernails on men, neck cracking in my ears and the never ever ending hacking coughs!

If you were also at the court this morning, I apologize if you are offended because one or several of the above sound familiar.

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Anonymous said...

Was there anyone normal at the DMV besides you?