Thursday, March 19, 2009

Hermosa Pier to see JOHONNA!

Johonna and Aaron are moving back to California (San Francisco) from Singapore. Lucky for us, they had a stop over in Manhattan Beach this week! We all got together last night for Mexican...

Sara, Johonna, Mia, Meg and Sara at the Cantina Real
Mia and Johonna
Meg and Sara
Johonna, flanked by Saras
Sara and Clay in their best prom pose

My straightener broke, so Mia gave was kind enough to give me this fancy one that she was going to donate to the homeless. I swayed her a little to my side by stating that homeless people don't have outlets - it worked!

Parking lot hand off...


Anonymous said...

So fabulous to see you ladies (and gents.) xo

LuLu said...

That was so much fun when Mia made that joke when we were eating at Cantina Real....Thank you Sara for inviting me, thank you gene for not!!!! Johonna has been gone for how long and she get's to meet Mr. Root? LAME LAME LAME LAME, with a side of LAME