Friday, February 27, 2009


Mia is the BEST FRIEND a girl could have! She has the best sense of humor, so it is always a pleasure to be in her presence! She was most helpful in my diagnosis as a pleaser with jennifer lopez syndrome (thanks- I have gotten that slightly under control). She knows every creepy little thing about me and I know MOST creepy things about her! Happy Memorials Days!!!
For the past 14 years we have shared (daily) each other's triumphs, meals, dramas (like all the times I sent emails to the wrong people), worries, lip gloss purchases, funny dilemmas, love triangles (I don't think we've had these, but it sounded funny), craziness, awkward moments (walking like a dog in central park, talking loudly about people 1" from me, the break your arm/ marc jacobs pant cuff incident) heartbreak, cooking lessons from Jen, excitement, dingo boots and straightening irons - so you know we have to be close!
I make sure to consult with her on every decision, making me very codependent! She gives the best most level headed sound advice, even when I don't want to hear it! We talk in such code that is hard for others to fully understand - (Bernstein, Squillatti, FBF, punks)

Mia loves cute umbrellas - she could never have enough - get her one if you want!
Mia is always on my team and to my delight, she consults me before spray tans (so I have the opportunity to abject) - I would do the same if I ever had one! She is an AMAZING dancer - she even won a pair of Nike shorts in a dance-off once upon a time!

Mia is famous! - which is always a nice quality in a friend - oh and she has gladiator sandals!
Mia is supportive of my sewing and looks good in Lee press-on nails and purple eye shadow! She has the cutest dishes, enjoys Anthropologie and golden retrievers (sounds like a singles ad)
There's a special place in her heart for Dwight, sandwiches from Gelsons, taking me to musicals, the laundromat on 3rd street, Duane Reade, Frank Sinatra, sleeping in castles, Cafe Habana corn on the cob, Abbott Kinney, Cynthia Nixon's GF, babies and Gavin! If she says she'll meet you at the gym, she really will!
Together we have perfected the head tilt/ leg in the air/ skinny arm and cheek to cheek pose!
Mia has red hair! - She is often mistaken for Mariah Carey, Jenna Fisher, a squirrel, Chloe Sevigny, an Olson twin, a doctor, Hillary Duff or "someone familiar"!
She has the same birthday as her lovely husband Gavin! They are celebrating today at Disneyland! - Happy Birthday!!!
She was with me this night...
Mia agrees that my dad looks like Richard Gere and Chevy Chase and also wonders why my mom didn't choose to stand in this photo! - What a good friend!
She supported me when I went on a date to see bad magicians with Thatcher's dad, Dick! - And really had my back when we had this run in at Lola's birthday party (he spent a lot of money on my fancy dinner and I never called him)
Mia (AKA Ladsy) has the interviewing thing down, so that's nice!
Mia is always up for laying low, giving make-up to homeless people, strolling cute neighborhoods, a mani/ pedi, watching bad tv shows or fish gazing. MIA -Remember when I came over really sad and didn't like any idea you threw out until finally you suggested we get drinks then thai massages? - that was a rad day!Mia and I lived here - but then again, so did rock lobster the rat with wings, occasionally the babies or ice cream, hank the perverted madonna & english patient fan, bible beaters, hot dog carts, sweaty gus and JB-K! ahhhh NYC
Mia has the BEST memory! As mine seems to slip, she can remember that Lake Bell is the one that liked my Shoe Pavillion shoes!She is my go to girl, my wing woman, the giver of plus 1's!
She looks cute in flats and is cool if you yell out "Good Night Nancy Reagan!" and knock vigorously on walls at bedtime! She is the best!
I look forward to growing old with you on a cul-de-sac in Portland!!!


hub of the house said...

sorry mia - this thing is super random!!!

BabyMcNiece said...

This is so random, so funny and so sweet. Thanks so much!!!

Unknown said...
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Danielle said...

Happy Birthday Mia! Great read, all about a great girl!

hub of the house said...

Happy Birthday!!!!

Sara K. said...

Happy Birthday! I love this post!

Unknown said...

woah woah went on a date with thatcher's dad?!!!