Monday, January 26, 2009

500th post: Celebrating Lauren!

Mia, Lindsay, Sara, Alli and I gathered to kick off Lauren's engagement with a girlie evening at Mucho in Manhattan Beach! It was a ridiculously fun and rather hilarious eve...
Toast to The future Mrs. Harvey with 2 margaritas on the rocks with salt, a mojito , a frozen questionably strawberry margarita and 2 salty Chihuahuas!
Alli, Lauren & Meg - Sara's new camera has all the features to get her a job with Perez Hilton!
Mia, Lindsay & Sara

Highlights include: Fanta shots, the Catholic church, Lindsay's new years resolution (work on it), childhood letters, bridesmaid dresses, goggles, the ghetto, wind on the pier, elderly men at erks (sp?), "I wish Devon was my mother-in-law", revolutionary road, ring trying on (oh, that was just me!), where do you get your hair cut?, bake sales, garage sales, donations, Christmas charm, LBC, queso, nasty emails, critts, chips and guac, calculator splitting, Mrs. Pacman, guest lists, going with Lauren & Billy on their honeymoon - perhaps to Maui, babies, Beau, men are messy and all the fun that comes along with an engagement!!!!!!!


We are the Harty's said...

LOVE IT! I only wish Perez would hire me.

LuLu said...

Love Love Love! We need more Perez Harty nights...we need something on Linds, Sara & Mia's pic! SO MUCH FUN!