Saturday, December 6, 2008

Get Well WILL!!!

Paige's soon to be brother-in-law, the amazing WILL RUTLAND, was involved in a terrible accident a week ago in Birmingham, Alabama. He is in the Neurosciences Intensive Care Unit at UAB Hospital in Birmingham, Alabama - thankfully he is surrounded by all his friends and family who quickly flew in to be by his side. He is an attorney and currently resides in San Francisco. Will is engaged to marry Presley Chambers April 4, 2009. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers! His family has set up a website where you can get daily updates on his condition and post well wishes!

The latest update by Paige's sister, Presley:
"Couldn't have asked for more! Will's family and I just went in for his 4:30 visit. The nurse came and grabbed us a few minutes early, because he was awake and following commands, and she wanted us to try and interact with him. He was opening his eyes, looking at each of us, and confirming with a nod that he recognized each of us. He was even trying to talk, but with the breathing tube still in, he was unable to. He remains under heavy sedation, while the breathing tube is in, and he is moving his left side now, which he was not able to do at all this morning. This has really felt like a miraculous day, and we continue to hope for progress in the right direction. There is talk of taking out the breathing tube either tomorrow or Saturday, depending on how his lungs are healing. Immediate recognition of surroundings and loved ones has proved to be one of the best indicators of long term effects of a head injury."