Thursday, September 4, 2008

SLIGHT Week In Review

Paige is off to Austin, but not before she dropped me off at the manicurist and borrowed my itrip...Pro & Con lists all week... Should we? Shouldn't we? Corned Beef sandwich at Greenblatts Deli, wandering the Grove, Hamlet 2 (dumb)...Anyone want to buy my french mannequin? Country Club dress up party at the park?
Too much time in the car for work! Social Hollywood? Belmont with the boys...$1700 worth of car repairs! Trying to make a deal on a car at the VW dealership (no luck)!
Paradise Cove Cafe for peanuts, fish & chips and mussels! walking on the beach...
Chez Jay in Santa Monica with Tim, Mia, Sara & Kristin!
Lunch at Toast and strolling on 3rd street with Mia and Sara - plastic or glass? - "Did you lose 1,000 pounds?"

1 comment:

Sara K. said...

1001 pounds, thanks!