Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Au Revoir PENNY! - You will be missed!

It seems that everyone I know is allergic to cats! - what gives people??? I have come to a crossroads- I could be the girl that has no friends and the sweetest cat ever or the girl that has a boyfriend and a budding social calendar and a life without the affections of my pal Penny. Sadly, I feel I am too young and cute and vibrant to pick the lonely cat life! This morning at 4am I made a stop at LAX to put Penny on a flight to Tulsa. I dropped her off at American Airlines Parcel Post then cried the entire way home! I keep picturing her under the plane, scared to death, thrown around with a bunch of luggage, but I realize animals are sent on planes ALL THE TIME- right???? right??? I look forward to the 11:30am call from my parents that she has safely made it back home without having a heart attack! I miss her already!

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LuLu said...

I am so mad at you! I can not believe Penny is gone :(