Monday, August 11, 2008

Walking Around Money

My Great Grandma started what has become a family tradition when she would slip my Grandma a little "walking around money" back in the day! This is money to carry on your person and do with whatever you like!

My Grandma embraced the idea and really went with it in a BIG way- anytime I would see her she would grab a handful of perfectly crisp brand new money from the bank, fold it neatly and slip it into my hand - it delighted her to help her Children and Grandchildren out! She was notorious for giving these large wads and telling me to "get a pizza or a bottle of water" (I am sure she knew well and good that I could buy 30 pizzas with my "walking around money" - or at least I hope she didn't think pizzas were now $300!). It was so cute and generous of her!

My Uncle Pete has now taken over for my Grandma. At my Brother's wedding he secretly pulled me aside and said, "Grandma would want you to have some "walking around money" then proceeded to shove $200 my way!

Well, now my Mom is starting to do it (Thanks MOM), BUT she is starting out a little small... I opened a letter from her today and found a $10 bill! Good start Mom, but I know you can do better!

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SUMMER said...

LOVE this idea....