Monday, August 18, 2008

J. Paul Getty Museum

My parents are visiting and really treating this trip to LA as a vacation (usually they come and we scrub my floors, look for apartments, get oil changes, shop for deals on TVs, buy vacuums, plant flowers, clean out vents or rearrange furniture) - They are hardly even able to fit me in this time - They are going to La Jolla, Del Mar horse races, Santa Barbara, multiple Dodger Games, Hollywood Bowl, Manhattan Beach, Woody Allen films, the Reel Inn, In-n-out, Olvera St., USC, Union Station and perhaps a ride on the Metro ALL WITHOUT ME! I was lucky enough to lunch with them at Cafe Montana and to continue on to the Getty (Bernini's Birth of Baroque Sculpture & People of the Twentieth Century German photography exhibitions) wew wew! - Thank you kindly for fitting your daughter in!

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