Monday, August 25, 2008

Engaged and Married in the same day!

Chris and Catherine (my darling coworker) got married in Mexico last week! She thought they were on a luxurious VACATION at The Tides Riviera Maya, he knew the real plan as he had been planning their secret wedding for 3 months! He proposed on Monday morning at sunrise (she said YES!) - Later their personal butler brought Catherine a beautiful calligraphy invitation to her own wedding which would take place that evening! They were married in a traditional Mayan ceremony on the beach - they threw rose petals into the ocean to signify their hopes and dreams...I was crying (of course) when she was telling the tale today - it sounded so romantic and amazing! Catherine and Chris are perfectly suited for each other, such a FUN couple, they were meant to be together and to spend the rest of their lives in love! I am sooooo elated for them!


Danielle said...

So awesome. I thought it was Fergie and Josh Duhamel!

hub of the house said...

what are you doing looking at my blog? aren't you supposed to be in labor or something?

Anonymous said...

is the photo a picture that comes in a wallet?