Monday, August 4, 2008

Dress Form Mannequin MANIA

Who knew my dark pink dress form mannequin would cause such hysteria on Craigslist! I tried at two past garage sales to hock it and didn't receive a single bite, stick it on Craigslist and get 10 emails right away! The LA fashion students are going wild...

"hi. Please call me asap. I want this mannequin! It is so perfect for what I do. I have been looking for one but haven't found a deal like this. oh please please call me!"

"Wow what an awesome mannequin! I'm soo broke right now if I had that 45$ I would get that today, I live close to you as well... maybe ill see if I can borrow it from somebody and get back to you I get paid on sunday so ill see if my best friend could loan it to me until then, hopefully it will still be available that's a killer deal! The color is so nice too and the way it adjusts is just perfect for what I do, everything I make is one of a kind and tailored to fit. Thank you so much for selling it! I'm going to get on it right away and see what I can get together. Get back to you soon :)"

"Hi I am a student at FIDM and was looking for a dress form just like this - I NEED IT. I LOVE IT. please sell it to me, let me know if your's is still available via email or my cell "

"Hi i am interested in your dress form is it still avail? I sure hope so. Id like to pick it up right now if it is still avail. I am taking a beginners sewing class and need a dress form to help me out."

"This is so perfect. the most perfect mannequin ever ever. I will come get it right away if you will sell it to me - I have never seen anything more perfect"

At least I know my mannequin will go to someone who REALLY WANTS it! My favorite is the broke girl- man oh man she is excited! I want her to have it.


Lori said...

craigslist rocks! Sometimes I think people are just sitting there behind the keyboard waiting for the perfect item!

Hope it found a good home!

LA DOG CO said...

I would pick the broke girl too. Good call. Go for broke!

Danielle said...

SOLD to the highest bidder...was it the broke girl?

hub of the house said...

I went with BROKE GIRL!!!

hub of the house said...

p.s. BROKE GIRL was like 50! It was weird