Saturday, July 19, 2008

You say you have a vintage Chanel purse for me, I will ALWAYS show up!

Congratulations Sara & Clay!! They just moved into their new FANCY home in Costa Mesa!!! I can't wait to for a chance to go down and check it out...

WELL, In the packing and moving process, a nice selection of goodies that weren't up to par & wouldn't be taking up residence in the new pad, were unearthed. What to do? HOCK them at a garage sale in Manhattan Beach, of course! I LOVE a good g sale like the next gal and truly wished I had some fantastic items to contribute, but I am fresh out.

I was lured at 8am (after a failed attempt to get iphones with my boss @ the MB MAC store) to this one for people watching, a chance to hang out with Sara, Clay, Lindsay, Nancy & Duke, as well as the PROMISE of a vintage gold Chanel purse! I LOVE my new acquisition!!!

Garage Sailors - Duke, friendly neighbor, Clay, Meg, Sara, Lindsay & Nancy!
Meg & Sara (with Lola Bean & my new purse!) Sara's Dad DUKE, Sara & Clay


We are the Harty's said...

Eww. Take down that first picture. I need a tan.

We are the Harty's said...

You are the best that you came. So happy you like your purse!

Anonymous said...

LOVE the purse!