Friday, July 11, 2008

Never a bridesmaid, Never a bride!

My days of being a bridesmaid are not just numbered, they seem to have come to a serious HALT. The only glimpse I get into the glamorous bridesmaidly life these days is when I have a "Bridesmaid Stand-In" assignment.

Recently, at my brother's wedding rehearsal, I was a "Stand-In" for a bridesmaid who was caught in traffic - I didn't even tell her what had happened when she finally arrived- lotta help I was. Last night, I was a short girl "Stand In" for Paige's sister, who was trying to decide if the dress she liked for her bridesmaids will look okay on her short pals (as a short gal, I approved of the dress). Paige secretly took this picture when the dress shop lady wasn't looking since photography is prohibited - how sly are we??

These "Stand-In" assignments suck! - I do all the work but don't get the joy of seeing myself on the program, being escorted by a fella similar in height to me, carrying the flowers or getting a gift from the bride!

This is the first and last time you will see me in this lovely Badgley Mishka dress (which will be black for Presley's wedding) because this particular "Stand-In" assignment ended as soon as we left the shop...


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Anonymous said... look so beautiful! And don't forget....Someday your Prince will come!

Unknown said...

i would have to say that you were the best 'stand-in' bridesmaid i have ever encountered! thanks for your help!