Sunday, July 27, 2008

B all that you can B!

Après culture (Chicano Painters of L.A. & Japanese Art, 1615–1868 exhibits at LACMA), Mia Jess & I went to a "B" themed birthday party in Hermosa Beach. We went as BAKERS! Adorned with aprons, oven mitts, spatulas and trays of freshly baked cookies - we mingled with Batman, Beckham, a Bunny, some Brides, the Bishop, a Bellhop, Bikers, the Boat Captain, a couple of Baffoons, the Bachelor, Basketball players, girls that looked like they came from a Brothel (no offense gals), Beethoven, Bedfellows, a Bus Driver, some Brussel Sprouts, Bruce "The Boss" Springstein, Bees, a Boy Scout, some guy who was Broke, a Baby or two wearing Depends (sad sad sight), Bob Barker, Bisexual Best Buddies (Lindsay Lohan & Samantha Ronson), The Blues Brothers, Barack Obama, a Banana and a Back Scratcher...Funny Party to say the least! Eventually we were out of cookies, so we fled back to the bakery!

Baker & Bachelor (we found out a dozen roses are only $9.99 at Vons - ummmm, guys have no excuses for not bringing flowers)
Meg, Mia & Wyatt the puppy! Mia: you may want to wash your spatula extra well! sorry.
Babealicious Bakers
pretty in pink - we were uber impressed that a "B" boy party had tons of hydrangeas in vases! hmmmm.

I am MOST AMAZING on the guitar...
Jessica was a hit with Batman, Beckham, the Bros., "The Boss" as well as Hello my name is BEAUTIFUL (aka the Bumper sticker)


hub of the house said...
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Anonymous said...

Great party idea- "B" theme- I like that!! You look like quite the housewife.

Brooke and Peter said...

I am totally stealing that idea... what a FUN party... Great idea to be Bakers.... You are so clever.

Anonymous said...

This would be a great party for my kindergarten students! How fun!