Wednesday, June 25, 2008

A party for some Glamour Magazine head honcho!

In lieu of packing for my trip, Mia and I gallivanted to Kyle McLaughlin's house to welcome some new guy to the west coast Glamour Magazine team (he was formerly at In-Style)! Kyle & his publicist wife's house was FANTASTIC- very quaint with beautiful gardens - It's located up in the hills near Runyon canyon. We mingled with David Cooke (thank goodness I watch the Today show or I wouldn't even know who he was), ate brie & apricot puffs and chatted it up with ANASTASIA (the brow queen) - I go to her salon for my brows so I already had a conversation "in" - She thinks I need to lighten my eyebrows a shade, which will make my eyes pop! hmmm...if Anastasia tells you to do something with your brows, you kinda have to.


sarah said...

I LOVE that dress on you- fun colors!

Hillary said...

you met American Idol David Cook??????

Paige said...

wow you are sooo lame...don't want to go to step class with me but you'll go to a glamour magazine party! you LOSER!!!