Thursday, June 5, 2008

Caught on Nanny Cam!

Today my mother and I were nannies! Danielle and Brian are currently in the lap of luxury at the Four Seasons Lana'i Manele Bay! We headed out around 6:30am to Westlake to spend the day with the kids. After breakfast, Presley gave my mom a tour of her room and introduced us to her baby dolls, she showed off her spelling skills by writing her parent's name on a chalk board and then she navigated us to her elementary school. We signed her in, met some friends and learned which backpack belonged to which kid. Then we were off with Nixon to the mall. My mom MUST get a dress for my brother's wedding while she's in town (her other musts are buying me a TV (thank you in advance, kind mother) and attending my fabulous Mexican fiesta birthday party) - We took in some shopping (MEG giraffe pillow & anthro top for me, rehearsal dinner dress and anthro robe for my mom, Sees lollipops for the party and Little Einstein plush characters from the Disney store for Nixon), we lunched at Hot Dog on a Stick and played in the kid zone - Nixon was perfect! He is so observant and patient and sweet. After this excitement, we relaxed for an hour back at our nanny pad before we picked Presley up from school. We admired a huge bag of her whole year's artwork, learned she kissed Joshua and fed her animal crackers. Next we kidnapped these poor children and made them go to Costco with us! - How do you moms do it? After hot dogs and pizza, we TV shopped (nothing quite right) and purchased pink carnations, a case of my favorite eclipse gum, a four pack of OJ and some goodies for my soiree! The tots were begging to go home by this point (I felt their pain) - so we finished off the day playing soccer, eating bananas, picking flowers, bicycle riding and sidewalk chalking! PS - where do you buy mini Mexican flags on toothpicks?


Danielle said...

Aloha! Love the pics. We miss them so much! That pic of Nixon makes me laugh. Who knew Anthro had a play area? Mahalo again. You are the best friend anyone could ever have. I love you!!!!

Anonymous said...

Explain/what is/tell us about (your opinion ) Free City.

What is the date of your brother's wedding?

hub of the house said...

It's a pricey fred segal sweatshirt that belongs to Hillary...I need to return it. June 28 - you wanna come with?