Saturday, May 17, 2008

Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players

Last night I ventured east to see the legendary Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players - Silverlake was a ghost town at 9pm which begged the question, "What time do young hipsters emerge with their greasy hair and neon pants?" - well it certainly wasn't in the nines or tens! I figured word must have gotten out about TFSP and El Cid would be PACKED...well, figure again.

No one was there upon my arrival so to pass the time I grabbed a drink, noted my similarities to Shirley Temple and admired a pirate up the street at 4100 (also empty as can be).

After a typewriter hand off it was back to El Cid to wait it out- TFSP were scheduled to go on at 10:30, but at 11 we were eating calamari, learning about mediums and chatting it up with Jason Trachtenburg! Mia and I grilled him and confessed we are his #1 and #2 fans. We got the skinny on Rachel's Teen Vogue article, red ukulele, home schooling, teenage runaway friends from the dirty venues they play and her Texas grandma dress. We pinpointed his age, when we last saw the group and where they actually live. discovered how Jason met his wife, Tina (open mic night where he stole her from her fiance, Carlos). went over his daily meals (oatmeal and a lot of water are among his secrets for looking young). heard stories about Kate Nash and invited them to stay at my house on Saturday night (which he happily excepted).

An hour later we found ourselves watching a band that could win the guinness book of world records award for the most hairspray & members. Ugly Johnny straggled in and Hillary left since TFSP still hadn't come on stage...

FINALLY it was time! And I need to tell you I was a little over it. I know what they do, I have seen them in action several times and sadly, the novelty has worn off I think. WE GET IT, you make up songs about vintage slides you find. After a few songs and a brief interaction with El Paso Stuart (the lucky veterinarian's son that had been hosting them at his house for a few days) I decided to book it outta there and avoid any further talk about TFSP crashing at my place as it suddenly seemed creepy and it sounded like they are perfectly happy with Stuart.

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