Saturday, May 31, 2008

Sometimes Hillary and I go places together. This time it was a Saturday evening at The Village Idiot.

Hillary and I felt compelled to hit the town (even though we really wanted to stay home in our pajamas) - As we mingled with the powers that be at The Village Idiot...we made and lost many friends, gave fake numbers, talked Ohio, met a band called: Rock Kills Kid (Hill's neighbors), watched Bucket jump for juice, saw the Greeks and Hillary gave me BIRTHDAY presents!! I can't help but LOVE my new possessions! A Russian Neverfall musical doll (she has 3 in varying sizes which I have always coveted) and a really cute Pink pocket knife with all sorts of hip girly gadgets - I can finally be ultra tough! We had to do pre-birthday gift opening a week in advance because Hillary will be in Chicago for the big day and party! Thanks Hill!


LA DOG CO said...

that dress totally makes me look like i'm with child!!!!!! The puffy sleeves don't help the cause either...but it's so comfortable ( sigh )

anywhooo...I heart you. Sorry I'm gonna miss the Partaaaay :(

Anonymous said...

Party what party?