Thursday, May 29, 2008

How was New York? Funny you should ask!

Mia and I jet setted east to New York City on Saturday for a little R & R and of course, the "Sex and the City" premiere! We flew Virgin American Airlines- I highly recommend for these reasons: in flight happy hour, better than usual dressed flight attendants, soft purple lighting, monitors where you could order pretty good food, drinks & snacks with the swipe of your credit card, TV, movies, a google map showing where we were in the flight, music videos, video games, create your own itunes playlists, seat to seat instant messaging and chat rooms, radio, emailing - pretty good stuff!
We hit the ground running and were whisked to 29th between 3rd and Lex to Sara Kirsner's apartment. She so graciously let us stay with her for two nights before we checked into the Bryant Park Hotel - she was certainly the hostess with the mostess! Sara had heard about a rooftop party in Brooklyn at Raphael & Shea's place - friends of friends of friends she had never met. The evite clearly said "Bring a friend if you are into that sort of thing" and had a map with a creepy black cat where their apt. was with the brilliant line, "X marks the cat" - huh??? We spent awhile making fun of the invitation and making up character descriptions for Shea, Raphael and the party goers we would soon meet - we had no idea what we would be walking into, but it seemed like a fun adventure! Sara took us to one of her favorite spots - Yucca Bar for dinner- we had empanadas, pork plantains, lobster quesadilla and salmon ceviche. After dinner and a few pint sized drinks, we set out to get Raphael and Shea a gift before we hopped on the L train to their rooftop. After careful thought, we ruled out hula hoops and decided on really bad fake glitter tattoos! We came across a large display board with tattoo packs attached to it and got the impression from the store owner that we could get two whole boards for $1.00 - what a deal! We took the two boards to the cash register, delighted that we would have enough bad tattoos for the whole rooftop! We were going to be the hit! Well, turns out it was two tiny tattoos for $1.00 (which makes complete sense now) - plan slightly foiled, but still in effect on a smaller scale! We thought this was such a great idea at the time!

The party was similar to a clicky school dance filled with MTV-ers, newly engaged Raphael & Shea, a bevy of gay men and red velvet cake! It was fun because we could see tons of other rooftops parties going on all over town! Knowing this wasn't the party for us, we convinced some people to leave with us and hit up Barcade (a lively hipster looking bar with arcade games that we had passed on our way to the rooftop) - Next it was off to Nu Blu for Cuban French Moroccan music, the Sunburned Cow and Royal!- Quite a full first night!

Highlights: convincing the young guy on the subway with the dry white crusty hands to get off at our stop and join the fun (bad idea and somehow I was the one to blame), trying to ditch the young guy with the dry white crusty hands, "hopefully that will be us in a little bit" (my awkward kissing comment to Liz @ Barcade), subway seat goop, the 12 year old wearing my dress on the street, stepping in tar, making flour out of pumpkin seeds, my skirt flying up for the people of Brooklyn, Mia and my mute-ness when asked if we thought Raphael & Shea's apt was nice, facial hairs that had been at Royal all day, Ave C is scary, I have a frog tattoo, Lisa hates LA and couldn't rip it apart more!, Vinyl is the best brunch spot...

Note to self: don't put your head on anyone's shoulder on the subway!

Mia and Sara


Brooke and Peter said...

sounds like so so so so so much fun! i am so happy you had a great trip!

Brian A. Jones said...

Virgin America rocks... all the flight attendants are hot, like back in the 60's and 70's when people could be hired based on pure attractiveness. And a lot of them have that international flavor going, for which I am quite the sucker.

Anonymous said...

who is that creepy subway guy?

Danielle said...

you are made to be in that town! the tat really works for you...why don't you blog all those cool photography shots you took, i was really impressed with your vision for art!