Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Voices In My Head...

I know you guys have been absolutely DYING to get into my head, to know my random thoughts right as they cross my mind...well, this is your BIG chance! per your request, these are a few of my thoughts while driving around today observing life! When you read them please do so with all sorts of dialects and vary your tones and inflections.

talk about high class!!
looky who's dialing a ride!
bold move
why are you yelling at me? (in a southern accent)
well, well, well, if it isn't that monster again...
why do you need to speak french to me, monsieur?
hey! who's the project manager now?
yes, I'm a pepper!
awesome sandals man.
book it book it book it
look alive lady!
where is puente hills (in a gang banging accent)
go go go go!
you get'em oldie but goodie!
watch out.
yikes. goth is a daring look for such an elderly woman
i guess I've been warned
dance it up, hobo...just dance
don't try that with me!
aren't you quite the chunkster?
This is not good (slowly in a greek accent)
sweat is so unbecoming on you
probably not the best move to fake your death...
way to wash out that trash can with gloves
so, this is a gas station, eh?
oh my!
too bad you have to wash your own Lamborghini...
spikey hair buddy!
I sure hope my neighbor doesn't ask me to ride on his motorcycle again!
I gotta get me some of that.
no way, jose!
hey dog, do you really only have one leg?
are you serious?
leave the radicalness to me.


Anonymous said...

No wonder you drink cocktails!

BabyMcNiece said...

were you driving around Compton?

hub of the house said...

obviously & obviously!!!

LA DOG CO said...

Love this!