Wednesday, February 13, 2008

what happens when Mia and Meg instant message...

Mia: ladsy? did you get the other pic of hill's new puppy I just sent you?
me: yep...but we are still frenching...ugh - are there any others?
Mia: the rest are just of huey lewis do you want?
me: i dont think i should put a pick of me kissing that dog - what do you think?
Mia: I guess it would be weird especially considering a few entries down you are sharing a smoothie with a dog
me: yes! i lost my sunglasses- what the hell. i think we should take vitamins!!!
Mia: what sunglasses were they? I have some for you
me: you found mine?
Mia: no but I have an extra pair you can have
me: they were dolce gabana..hello dorky! but they were mine -are they all big like I enjoy?
Mia: one pair I have are huge. you can test them out.
me: why do you have so many - did you lose anything I may be able to give you?
Mia: I have collected a few pairs
me: ahhh yes- you are amazing. you havent been seen on my blog for awhile - can we get u back? r u peter jennings?
Mia: yes, i need to get back on the blog. should we do something tomorrow night? peter jennings?
me: i would love to try your extra sunglasses...I have looked high & low for these pups. you are peter- aren't you? if gavin is working- then yes we should
Mia: I am not peter jennings. I think lauren is. gav is working
me: wait g man is for sure working tom. night?
Mia: yes
me: what do cool gals do these days?
Mia: why do you have any hot plans?
me: no way
Mia: hmmm? is there somewhere we have been dying to go?
me: high school football game?
Mia: that would almost be creepy. ice blocking?
me: cynthia's for fried chick should be soon....I think it WOULD be creeps! cynthia godofsky's?
Mia: you want to go to cynthia's?
me: I wish someone could hear us right now, nancy reagan
Mia: what fried chicken- stop
Mia: somethings are better kept to ourselves
me: shouldn't it be livlier than cynthias? - both cynthias
Mia: oh, we are not going to a formal sit down dinner by ourselves tomorrow night
we are going to find something cool to do dammit
me: whats the new hot spot? do we have any friends that could join?
Mia: we couldn't get into the new hot spot
me: what? are we old? do we have turkey necks?
Mia: yes, lets wear scarves and try to get into hot clubs. I could see what Shayna is doing - she is still young and fun
me: what's the cool term for laughing? instead of lol
Mia: stf - shit that's funny
me: wow very strong language mia...what time do you go to bed?
Mia: usually midnight unless I am super tired. why are you going to bed?
me: no not yet...just always interested in what the people are up to
where's the sucessful hospital admin?
Mia: if you have google on your resume you can work anywhere I guess
me: maybe i will add it to mine...
Mia: ladsy - don't tell anyone but do you want to know what I am going to be for halloween?
me: shhh....YES ...the one in 10 months? what if I just said no I don't want to know?


LA DOG CO said...

Attention Defecit Disorder much?

Anonymous said...

First, I love that my mother is included in your daily banter. Secondly, I would like to know what Mia is going to be for Halloween. Way to keep a secret Meg!

I will now monitor what I IM you....STF!

Brooke and Peter said... covered alot of bases and I know now much more than ever about IM'ing.... can i still say lol?

hub of the house said...

sorry mia....

Anonymous said...

i don't get the google comment? explain?