Monday, February 18, 2008

Like sands through the are The Presidents Days of my life!

1991 - No School, Duchess Tea Party at Kim's house. Jane Fonda work out with Boyeon.

1992 - "Wayne's World" with my GANG (I love that I enjoyed slang street talk even in at 15!) I also found this funny list:
12/5 I love Jason Simmons.
1/15 I don't like Jason - move on. Kim loves Leo. Boyeon loves Scott.
2/3 I love Jason Simmons AGAIN! Boyeon HATES Scott. Kim loves Leo no more.
3/1 I love Jeremy Roy Barrow (sounds promising as he told me his middle name).
3/22 I still love Jeremy, the jury is out on if he likes me.
4/13 Jason loves Mackenzie. I love ?? - Not Jason, Jeremy still? Boyeon loves Matt.
4/17 I HATE Jeremy SO much! Kim kinda likes Travis Allen.
5/10 I like Jeremy.

1993 - Lupes for Mexican food with Danielle Bacon. My goal is to be a QVC host. QVC= Quality, Value, Convenience.

1994 - Loads of homework to do, write essay "Thoreau vs. Society"

1995 - Beach with Jon, Justin, Ian & Andrew to surf with my new wetsuit!

1996 - Look for an apartment in Santa Barbara with Mia, Buy Mia's birthday gift, BBQ at Notaro's house

1997 - Mail Pepperdine application, finish Black History paper on "Jazz Communities", "Swingers" with Mia & Nichelle

1998 - Trip to the nursery for Pink Splash, Elysium, Cala Lily, Happy Wanderer, Lemon Thyme, Tulips and Gerber Daisies - plant flowers. Dinner at Delphi with Rich - LOVE LOVE the Avgolemono soup!

1999 - 1/2 day - went in to cast "black barber" role for Sprint commercial, Penny (my Siamese kitten) spayed and declawed (sad), Al Gelato Italian food for dinner

2000 - Girl's names I like: Ella, Iris, Taylor, Rita, Olive & Maxine. 17th straight day of seeing Marc, run 3 miles, "Summer of Sam" at Mia's - Gavin in town from NYC!

2001 - The president of the Five Cities Men's Club wants me to speak about my casting experience to the members (HUH? I don't recall this), new license plate arrives CA4PYPO38, made Lobster Risotto for dinner - delicious!

2002 - Order "Free Winona" t-shirt online, "The Son's Room" @ Cecchi Gori, addicted to chai lattes, Danielle is 9 weeks pregnant, signed up for a sewing class

2003 - home improvement day - paint hutch and heater, cut white paint out of my bangs

2004 - Saw " In America" at the Grove, have a party in Stevie Wonder's trailer (after he had left)

2005 - ran out of gas on Sunset Blvd, made flash cards for history of design mid term, start planning 10 year high school reunion - I'm in charge as I was senior class president...ugh

2006 - Meg, Gavin, part of Jaime & a little Danielle are in US WEEKLY this week with Ryan & his sister!

2007 - plan Woody Allen movie night, try to set John up on a date

2008 - work on my presentation for STYLE STAR OF TOMORROW contest for LA Magazine that everyone is urging me to enter, watch Ghostbusters, took a picture of my odometer as it crossed the 50,000 mile mark


SUMMER said...

LOVE how you snuck D's pregnancy in... good job!!!

hub of the house said...

you mean from 2002?

Brooke and Peter said...

what a little love triangle... I think these are my favorite posts! i have GOT to dig out my old journals... might be scary.

Anonymous said...

I read your blog to "Penny" and she replied, meow... with warm "President's Day" memories....while curled up on her own personal heating pad designer basket...she did seem a bit "clawless" about about the sands through the hourglass...