Monday, February 18, 2008

Like sands through the are The Presidents Days of my life!

1991 - No School, Duchess Tea Party at Kim's house. Jane Fonda work out with Boyeon.

1992 - "Wayne's World" with my GANG (I love that I enjoyed slang street talk even in at 15!) I also found this funny list:
12/5 I love Jason Simmons.
1/15 I don't like Jason - move on. Kim loves Leo. Boyeon loves Scott.
2/3 I love Jason Simmons AGAIN! Boyeon HATES Scott. Kim loves Leo no more.
3/1 I love Jeremy Roy Barrow (sounds promising as he told me his middle name).
3/22 I still love Jeremy, the jury is out on if he likes me.
4/13 Jason loves Mackenzie. I love ?? - Not Jason, Jeremy still? Boyeon loves Matt.
4/17 I HATE Jeremy SO much! Kim kinda likes Travis Allen.
5/10 I like Jeremy.

1993 - Lupes for Mexican food with Danielle Bacon. My goal is to be a QVC host. QVC= Quality, Value, Convenience.

1994 - Loads of homework to do, write essay "Thoreau vs. Society"

1995 - Beach with Jon, Justin, Ian & Andrew to surf with my new wetsuit!

1996 - Look for an apartment in Santa Barbara with Mia, Buy Mia's birthday gift, BBQ at Notaro's house

1997 - Mail Pepperdine application, finish Black History paper on "Jazz Communities", "Swingers" with Mia & Nichelle

1998 - Trip to the nursery for Pink Splash, Elysium, Cala Lily, Happy Wanderer, Lemon Thyme, Tulips and Gerber Daisies - plant flowers. Dinner at Delphi with Rich - LOVE LOVE the Avgolemono soup!

1999 - 1/2 day - went in to cast "black barber" role for Sprint commercial, Penny (my Siamese kitten) spayed and declawed (sad), Al Gelato Italian food for dinner

2000 - Girl's names I like: Ella, Iris, Taylor, Rita, Olive & Maxine. 17th straight day of seeing Marc, run 3 miles, "Summer of Sam" at Mia's - Gavin in town from NYC!

2001 - The president of the Five Cities Men's Club wants me to speak about my casting experience to the members (HUH? I don't recall this), new license plate arrives CA4PYPO38, made Lobster Risotto for dinner - delicious!

2002 - Order "Free Winona" t-shirt online, "The Son's Room" @ Cecchi Gori, addicted to chai lattes, Danielle is 9 weeks pregnant, signed up for a sewing class

2003 - home improvement day - paint hutch and heater, cut white paint out of my bangs

2004 - Saw " In America" at the Grove, have a party in Stevie Wonder's trailer (after he had left)

2005 - ran out of gas on Sunset Blvd, made flash cards for history of design mid term, start planning 10 year high school reunion - I'm in charge as I was senior class president...ugh

2006 - Meg, Gavin, part of Jaime & a little Danielle are in US WEEKLY this week with Ryan & his sister!

2007 - plan Woody Allen movie night, try to set John up on a date

2008 - work on my presentation for STYLE STAR OF TOMORROW contest for LA Magazine that everyone is urging me to enter, watch Ghostbusters, took a picture of my odometer as it crossed the 50,000 mile mark


summer said...

LOVE how you snuck D's pregnancy in... good job!!!

Meg said...

you mean from 2002?

Brooke & Peter said...

what a little love triangle... I think these are my favorite posts! i have GOT to dig out my old journals... might be scary.

Penny's family said...

I read your blog to "Penny" and she replied, meow... with warm "President's Day" memories....while curled up on her own personal heating pad designer basket...she did seem a bit "clawless" about about the sands through the hourglass...