Thursday, January 31, 2008


Paige, Tristant and I made a cute group trip to Target. Why go to Target alone when you can go with a newly cohabitating couple and a dog? We each had a list and instead of splitting up and meeting back, we combed the aisles as a team. Paige was strict, she was in charge of keeping us on schedule - we couldn't browse any section for too long without getting a "move it!" look. Items purchased by my gang: folding table, Method hand soap refill, (2) t-shirts, a pillow, coat hangers, valentine candy, static guard spray (by the way this is the greatest static cling invention - I can't keep enough of it in my car, home or office), dish towels and socks - we are stocked up!

WAIT THERE'S MORE! I thought I was spray painting a chair nautical Navy Blue, but it turned out BAD Royal Blue instead, Mia and I talked fruit, items left in cabs and flakes , I moved a refrigerator to Paige's for our upcoming garage sale and I watched The View, Today Show and Martha Stewart while prepping for my Valentine's Day Party...

What the heck did you do?


Anonymous said...

Dad and I sat around the pot belly fire place listening to the cured wood pop and crackle and we watched the snow fall and thought about how lucky we were to have you as our daughter!
Inside the two sak's 5th ave bags were....the new Gucci perfume & some Burbury perfume:)

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I wote a cook book

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