Thursday, January 3, 2008

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About GIDGET* (* But Were Afraid to Ask)

GIDGET has changed my life - or at least given me something to do while I get better! I have now seen all 32 episodes and in my delirium I have begun to think I am Gidget! Do I have a boyfriend named Moondoggie or is that Gidget? For those of you that may never get the chance to view as much of this show as I have, here are the top "pickles" and highlights:

She rubbed her Dad's back OFTEN (who am I to pass judgement, but it was a tad bit creepy!), had the nerdiest best friend Larue, fake surfed against a cheesy backdrop, wrote an advice column - Helpful Hannah, worked as a waitress for one night in a teen night club serving banana spits (although the family thought she worked at a Men's Club - mayhem ensues!), scrapped & re-waxed surf boards in order to raise $75 to buy her dad a camera for his birthday (didn't happen), Jeff "Moondoggie" is away @ Princeton and Gidget goes on a million dates to pass the time - only all the guys seem really old & leathery...the casting is iffy that way, fell in love almost every episode, ate too much bologna, hot dogs, hamburgers, french fries and had a midnight snack with her dad each night (mental note: this is a great time to discuss looming problems), Gidget and her boyfriend discouraged the boys father from going on dates with them, cooked dinner & cleaned for her dad all the time in a sad servant type of way, talked smack about her sis Anne & bro-in-law John (they were annoying), hung out with a white horse, was too love sick to eat her triple meaty burger at the Salty Dog, was pinned twice, cheated on an English paper (but learned a valuable lesson), cried often, danced the monkey and the chicken too many times to count, attended many luaus, protested, set her dad up on dates mainly with redheads, had a hex placed on her & her surfboard in Malibu, taught her Dad a lesson or two, brushed her teeth, talked on the phone like mad, caught steaks in the oven on fire (evidence the hex was real), froze a dead Alligator, went to Pasadena in her pajamas to buy a car with Ellen & her parents, sock hopped, was called a small pint baked squash & pipsqueak by various guys, hung out with a magician (bad looking guy), was kidnapped by a cool older boy, ditched out on a fishing trip with her Dad (he was hurt), had a garage sale in her living room, talked to the camera, curled her hair and enjoyed a good face mask, almost went to Paris, Gidget's Dad punched Moondoggie's Dad (this was awkward!), Gidget & her pals really taught the boys a lesson about asking them on dates well in advance (by Wednesday for a Friday date), wore a ton of bikinis, had a brief stint as a tambourine player in a goth rock band - Gidget and the Gories, had her diary stolen, tried to pump up Larue's confidence as well as a nerdy guy she asked to a dance, had her brother in law pose as "Panther" - a mysterious older boy from Tarzana and take her to a luau, had 3 dates to the same dance! (what a pickle), A lot of root beer was spilled on her sweaters, made a million funny faces, balanced stacks of books on her head, attempted to wax her hairline (Her Dad's friend thought the melted wax was milk and tried to drink it while a werewolf was scoping out the house - haa haa), schemed , only had two guys get fresh with her, catch phrases: toodles, bingo, baked squash, gay, out of sight, drip around, mysterioso, gorgeous giggle, dopey...ahhhhh GIDGET, what will I do without you?


Anonymous said...

You are hilarious. Aren't you getting a show or something? PJ needs to introduce you to his agent.

Anonymous said...

I love Gidget! Let's sing the theme song together soon!

hub of the house said...

I would LOVE to get together solely to sing the Gidget theme song