Wednesday, January 16, 2008

delicious potato tacos - thank you for the joy you bring!

Last night I enjoyed my favorite POTATO TACOS and margaritas at El Carmen with some of my people. El Carmen and I have a long history - we have shared many birthdays, drinks, dinners and special life moments with each other. A few in my group had never been and I was so happy to see them gasp and cheer at the general excitement of the place! HIGHLIGHTS: Authentic Brazilian Meat, Brazilian babes, internet dating red heads, Bagel parties, Fat Tire beer & muscle shirts, Dallas Proms & Homecoming dances, wine flights at chain restaurants, Pinkberry's new flavor, the shocking tastiness of PF Changs (it's a chain restaurant and all), Mexican wrestlers, Mexican food should only be eaten on Fridays, calling yourself Ken for no reason, how to properly split a check with a non drinker and a non eater in the group, a small guacamole can go a long way and a lot of kicking under the table - does the fun ever stop?


Anonymous said...

KS and I were talking last night about how fun your blog is! It is such a great thing to read for us boring people! JB

Anonymous said...

YOur blog is so funny, I can spend all day reading about your life. I can actually live through you... what a concept.