Sunday, December 23, 2007

pure evil

Friday night my friend Paige was brutally attacked and mugged by her car in Beverly Hills. I got a call from her neighbor around 11pm - He said to please hurry over and I immediately burst into tears and started driving to her house. I arrived 5 minutes later to a sea of police cars and paramedics - I sprinted up to her apartment and found her on the floor bloody, crying and answering police questions. I couldn't believe this had happened and to Paige (one of the best girls you could ever meet)!

She was moving one last car load from her old apartment to her new apartment. She debated on taking her flat screen TV down to her car and ultimately decided it was better to get it all over with so she could concentrate on spackling and painting the next morning. As she was putting her TV in her car (mind you this is Beverly Hills) two men in hoodies came up behind her and hit her in the head, knocking her to the ground. Once on the ground they vigorously kicked her (mostly in the back of her head). Paige was able to crawl under her car a little bit to avoid more blows to the head (the idea/ visual of Paige in a fetal position trying to crawl under her car brings me to tears even as I write this). The attackers took her TV, bonus check from work & car chargers after dumping the contents of numerous boxes on the ground before running off. I have such anger for these men I can hardly contain it. How could anyone hurt Paige? She is the sweetest girl around - It is disgusting. She was able to get herself upstairs and proceeded to ring all her neighbors doorbells, screaming "Somebody help me!" - again, just thinking about this makes me sick! One neighbor was home (Thank God for this guy) and came to her aid - he called 911, me and her friend Tabitha. We didn't leave her alone Friday night and yesterday I was with her all day helping her finish up her packing and painting before she left to go home to Dallas last night. She is bruised, sore, cut, banged up, has a fat lip, chipped tooth, bloody ear and head but she somehow compartmentalized this event and did what she needed to finish up at the old apartment. As horrible as this is I am so thankful that they did not have a gun, knife or sexually assault her - but still it is disgusting.

I asked the police why these men had to hurt her? why couldn't they just get the TV and run? Their answer was twofold - It is a form of intimidation and they have more time to get away as it will take her awhile to get up and call the police. These guys are pure evil and I hate that they unleashed it on Paige.

Please be extra careful alone late at night when out on the streets - especially around the holidays because people are so desperate.

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Brooke and Peter said...

that is horrific! i am so sorry paige... i hope to meet you someday and scowl like I am doing now if I hear this story again... boo on them. horrible!