Wednesday, November 14, 2007

spinning out of control

Paige, I apologize for flaking on El Carmen last night but I took my first spinning class and it literally put me over the edge into shock! I have never been so hot or sweaty or closer to throwing up and death! I thought the class was half an hour, so after 35 minutes of peddling, I frantically turned to the girl next to me (totally out of breath) and whined, "How long is this torture going to last?" - She replied "an hour" in the most calm cool and collected way! The next 25 minutes were the slowest of my life. After it was over my legs felt like jelly and I weirdly walked out of hell. I am very sore today, but considering I burned 628 calories, I am thinking of going back tomorrow!

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Brooke and Peter said...

Go girl!!!! That will get you into shape! I did kickboxing last night and I was one of 2 in the class (which means extra work).... So I am walking a bit strange today too!