Friday, November 2, 2007

Like sands through the are the November 2nd's of my life!

This is what I have been up to for the past 16 years on this very day - NOVEMBER 2nd

1991 - Westlake High vs. Newbury Park football game, went to see
"Backdraft", Mackenzie Cronin slept over

1992 - "Up the Down Staircase" play run thru, Garnie in town,
Clinton elected president tomorrow

1993 - "The Pink Panther Strikes Back" play practice, return library books,study for physiology with Sarah (dipped for the first and last time with her)

1994 - "Wait Until Dark" play practice (I played Audrey Hepburn's role- Suzy the blind lead), 5 month anniversary with Jon Notaro, Green Day Concert in Hollywood

1995 - UCSB Oceanography mid term, walk on the beach, watch "Party of Five"

1996 - Sushi with Jon Notaro - saw Heather Locklear & Richie Sambora @ dinner, went to see "1st Wives Club"

1997 - Broke up with Jon Notaro (although it says we get back together in two days), long chat with Chris Thomas (no idea who that is), car wash

1998 - Kissed Brian Swan, a financial planner from Beverly Hills (This is so sad, but I have NO idea who this is), "Temptations" premiere on NBC (show I cast)

1999 - Interviewed for casting job at Disney with Tammy Billlik (got job), Border Grille with parents

2000 - House sit @ Tammy Billik's, Death Cab for Cutie show @ Fais do do

2001 - Las Palmas for Jordan's birthday with Marc, Beau & Liz (have no idea who Jordan is now)

2002 - Tropical Passion latte from Coffee Bean, Montana Cafe with Marc,"Bowling for Columbine"

2003 - Mia returns from Paris, Imitation of Christ fashion show - ran into Bradford & Jamie Weisenborne

2004 - Met Mia & Renata @ Belmont for a drink, met John Quinn @ 4100, ran into Gavin, returned bad lipstick for fabulous Nars gloss(yes I called it fabulous in my book)

2005 - Design/ Art History final, Hello Kitty shower radio broke,
saw "The Notebook"

2006 - stopped writing in my book...not sure


Anonymous said...

What about 2007 November 2nd? Can't wait to hear.....

Brooke and Peter said...

I cannot beleive you have kept a journal like that... You inspire me.... i am starting today! I love it!

hub of the house said...

movies seem to be a big part of my November 2nd's - strange.

Danielle said...

i love it! that was hilarious. redstone diaries forever! i am so sad that i have never spent a nov. 2 with you.

SUMMER said...

Hi Meg! How are you? Yes- Lindsey and Tristen are two of a kind! They have no shame! Hanging out with them is for sure trouble! We should all meet up with Danielle one time and go to dinner... you would die! You are just as hilarious. I read your blog sometimes and LOL!!! The three of you would be hilarious!!!

Anonymous said...

You really are the sweetest girl!!!
See you in K.C.

Danielle said...

is jane the mayo lover?