Monday, November 5, 2007

Left to my own devices...this is the best I can do

FRIDAY: My weekend kicks off with an invitation to Shabbat dinner (Thank you strange fellow in the next apartment building over) - Not feeling brisket with Israeli Army trained men, I said "Maybe" and never showed up (oops)!- Mia thinks he has my apartment tapped! Showering, shaving, blow drying, straightening, steaming, lotioning and finally dressing dragged on forever...As you can imagine, I lost my motivation to go out! - Instead I watched Friday Night Lights and honestly, nothing could have been better!

SATURDAY: Having a serious thing for CASAS, the Garlocks and I met up at one of our favorite haunts, CASA VEGA! We had attempted lunch at Casa Bianca, but it was closed. They proceed to life coach me over a cheese enchilada and tell the funniest story I have heard in a long time.

LATER SATURDAY: I met up with some friends for an exhibit at Santa Monica Art Studios- the unicorn pig was the best.

EVEN LATER SATURDAY: as a rule, if the kids need us, we are there! Margot and Meg- always willing to help out a cause...This time it was a fundraiser in an empty warehouse in Culver City- enter through the alley! If Margot had not vouched for this crew I would have fled the scene as soon as I arrived. I felt like I was filming a scene for the movie 8 Mile. There were black lights, twins from Reno,a rap-off, youngsters dressed up as zombies, really slutty go go dancers...and then there was me! I was the oldest person at the event. When asked by the kids how old I was, I simply replied "ninety" and walked away. We made the best of the evening by dancing crazy, befriending the youth and pushing people's buttons! "HEY HEY! YOU LOOK LIKE MY SISTER!" P.S. when I say kids, I mean people in their early 20's.

SUNDAY: turned back some clocks, had the most delicious breakfast with Hillary at Quality(discussed dentistry), saw the $3 matinee of "Things We Lost in the Fire" (what a deal! Only the 99cent store is cheaper) - I cried the whole movie long! - I LOVED it!

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LA DOG CO said...

i don't think the dentistry thing is lookin' too good