Friday, November 9, 2007

Ladies Who Dinner

Last night I ventured out into the sticks for dinner with Danielle and our long lost friend RACHEL! We all worked together for YEARS at Warner Bros. - It was quite the reunion! After Danielle's "table-side" guacamole situation we caught up and strolled down memory lane (the time Danielle offended the host of Extra and got called into the President's office, how I made a shady remark to an executive that landed me in a meeting with HR - "Howard, why don't you take one of these home to your wife!", all the juicy insider company scandals...what a blast! After dinner Danielle and I sat in the car blasting "Heavenly Day" - our new obsession by Patty Griffin and had a photo shoot - just in case you have no idea what we look like, here are a MILLION pictures of us to remind you!!!


hub of the house said...
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Anonymous said...

super cute!
it was so great seeing you!!!
we have to do it again sooner!