Wednesday, October 3, 2007

woe is meg

Last week I was on top of the world and thinking I was unstoppable!
I had plans to shoot a pilot for a Design Show, a high end specialty services referral company contacted me about offering my legendary present wrapping services, I took Friday off and flew to Tahoe for a fantastic wedding...Even the moments that tested my positive streak seemed to have happy endings - Almost missed my flight to Tahoe (I ran really fast and was sweaty, BUT I didn't!), my bag was supposedly lost (miraculously found!), Drove an hour in the wrong way to the rehearsal dinner (figured out I was in Nevada and still got to the party during cocktail hour!), It started snowing and I didn't have a coat (somehow I lived to tell the tale of the frozen tundra!)
This week, however, is a whole other story!!! - I am in the dumps!
Monday morning an elderly man crashed into me smashing up my car pretty bad
(STRANGE SIDE NOTE...20 minutes later he randomly walked into my work looking for his dentist's office - here is a picture of him on our surveillance camera)
My grandma is in the hospital and really not doing well - she lives in Tulsa so I can't just pop over and see her, I had 2 flat tires when I got out of work last night at midnight (another awesome thing- working till midnight), I even have clumsily bumped into or smashed myself against many more objects than usual! Well, with all this said, i am trying to keep calm and carry on, trying to say to myself, "this too shall pass", "buck up little camper", "keep your head held high", "pull yourself together", "stay strong", "fake a smile" and somehow all this isn't working like I would hope it would, I am extra frowny and sluggish! Have I lost my will to live? Nahh - but hopefully next week I will be back on the upward swing!


Janie Taylor said...

My sweet Meg....Dad and I really feel for sending some "Peas,Love & Happiness" to you in the mail today! Love Always

K Swiss said...

May "The Secret" be with you! I still think you're pretty cool!

Anonymous said...

megan! i texted u before we went to see joan, and to be honest, i was a lil nervous.. but! she was doing well. she smiled and laughed a lot.. and, someone is coming to curl her hair this afternoon!! yay.
so.. keep your chin up and smile. it's contageous and beautiful!

love kim j