Thursday, October 18, 2007

Where the heck is Orlando Bloom?

Running on no sleep, Mia and I hit Cartier for stylist Rachel Zoe's Book Party. We admired diamonds, knocked the DJ's skills, ate olives on the roof, wondered where all the people were and wished we were across the street at the Chanel party. The stuffiness of the Cartier group forced us to S Bar in Hollywood. This party was for french shoe designer Christian Louboutin, whose red sole shoes are a must-have on the red carpet!

FUNNY SIDE STORY: On our drive I noticed I had 16 missed calls from my mom. Fearing the worst, I called her, She was crying, very upset and on the other line with Mia's dad, Barry, trying to get Mia's cell number! She was certain I had been kidnapped! I guess I accidentally called her from my purse on the way to Cartier. She heard Mia and I talking for a bit then the "ding ding" of car doors opening, then a commotion and men. She tried to call me back and insists a man (valet?) picked up the phone and yelled something like "Blaaaaaa!!" loudly and in a mean way. She proceeded to call me over and over (as well as all my friends to assist in the developing abduction case she was forming in her mind). Mia and I couldn't stop laughing while she was crying on the phone...sorry mom, we are alive and well!

Meanwhile, over at S Bar's chic soiree, the scene was young, crowded, hipper than Cartier, and much more our speed. The interior was fantastic - upside down vintage lamps hanging from the ceiling, candelabras everywhere, interesting scenic wall coverings & food from Katsuya! As Mia interviewed the Olsens, a gal from interviewed and took pictures of me! Who was I wearing?(my own creation) What are my fashionable plans for the rest of the week? (beats me?)What did I do for a living?...I keep looking for myself on in the "Street Scene" section. Cool kids like Ashley Olsen, Rachel Bilson, Hayden Panettiere and Kristen Bell nibbled on sushi while showing off their new shoes. All in all, it was a super fun night and we made a pit stop for Tylenol PM on the way home - hopefully I can finally catch up on some sleep!

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Danielle said...

it's nice to hear that my mom isn't the only one that conjures up horrific stories of abduction, rape and and me lying dead on the side of the road stories when i haven't talked to her for a half hour.